Michael Phelps Loses to Great White Shark in the Race of the Century

That’s some truly clever marketing from the geniuses there at Discovery Channel….

Sorry, folks. The man known as Michael Phelps didn’t actually race a real great white shark. But he might as well have! Thanks to science, metrics, data, and a bit of CGI. Check out the video for yourself and see who won….

I think it’s funny that not only did some viewers get all pissy to find out that Phelps didn’t actually race a real shark, they also got enraged over the fact that he lost against the predator — by only two seconds.

Dear God, only two seconds, people! Come on…. It’s not like this was a landslide, especially since we’re willing to bet if you were stuck in the water with a great white, chances would be good you’d be deader than dead after only five seconds, let alone even coming close to reaching the finish line.

I mean, by the time you would’ve gotten to the finish line, Bruce there would’ve been waiting with his jaws wide open.

The harshness of nature’s savage waters…. Versus arguably mankind’s fastest swimmer. That alone was pretty cool to watch anyway.

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