Michelin Just Made The Coolest Bike Gadget!

And the safest, I might add.

Riding a bike at night has always been one of the biggest dangers cyclists face, no matter how good or experienced they might be. However, most of the times, the problem is not cyclist themselves but other drivers who, due to limited visibility, might not even spot them.

Well, we have some good news! A new gadget by Michelin aims to change everything and decrease the number of accidents we read on the news every day. BikeSphere is not just a bike gadget but a smart lighting system that will keep cyclist safe on the road.

Michelin Just Made The Coolest Bike Gadget!

BikeSphere is part of another project called #TrendyDrivers developed by Michelin. The whole idea of this initiative started as a simple medium to help young drivers become more aware while behind the wheel.

So, the designers of this cool bike gadget wanted to extend this feeling of safety to bikers who drive in low-light conditions. This is how BikeSphere, an innovative lighting system using some cool technology we have never seen before, was born.

Of course, everything starts with a standard headlight and a taillight. What makes the system unique is the number of sensors the designers have included which provide bikers with smart and cool features too. First of all, BikeSphere gets activated automatically when the environment gets darker than usual. Except for the two standard lights, a bright red circle surrounds the bike, making way easier for drivers and motorists to notice the biker.

At the same time, another sensor is turned on when a vehicle approached the bike is present. This smart feature is very helpful since, when a car gets too close, a spotlight is activated and two laser lights surround the bike to alert both the biker and the driver. This laser light is three times brighter than the standard one.

BikeSphere has been tested and, even though we have no official release date yet, the company is about to release it soon. Will you be one of the first buyers?

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