Microsoft Surface Pro Laptop Deemed ‘Unreliable’ by Consumer Reports

The company has taken back its recommendation of the product

Microsoft may be in some hot water. The Consumer Reports magazine has recently pulled the Microsoft Surface Pro from its list of recommended products.

Microsoft Surface Pro Laptop Deemed 'Unreliable' by Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is an independent nonprofit organization that conducts surveys about popular consumer products. They use this information in conjunction with independent research to rate products.

Consumer Reports gave the Surface Pro a favorable rating after its May release but consumers have reported multiple problems with the laptops. The company surveyed over 90,000 laptop and tablet owners with products from Apple, Microsoft, and others.

Twenty-five percent of Surface Pro owners reported issues with computer freezes and touchscreen sensibility. The percentage of complaints about the Surface Pro were significantly higher than complaints regarding other laptops. Most Surface Pro owners reported problems after using the product for two years.

Microsoft has released a statement discrediting Consumer Reports findings,

“We don’t believe these findings accurately reflect Surface owners’ true experiences or capture the performance and reliability improvements made with every Surface generation,”

However, Consumer Reports isn’t budging. The home page of the website reads’ “Laptop Ratings: Microsoft Surface Laptops and Tablets Not Recommended by Consumer Reports”

Consumer Reports has removed the Microsoft Surface Laptop (128GB and 256 GB) and the Microsoft Surface Book (128 GB and 512 GB) completely from their lists. They will also stop recommended any Microsoft products including non-Surface Pro laptops.

Microsoft Surface Pro laptops were created in 2012. Surface Pro Laptops have a kickstand and keyboard which converts them into tablets. Studio mode allows users to lower the kickstand and use the screen as a drawing pad.

Microsoft Surface Pro Laptop Deemed 'Unreliable' by Consumer Reports  Microsoft Surface Pro Laptop Deemed 'Unreliable' by Consumer Reports

The versatility could be the reason the product has been so breakable. Consumer Reports is standing firm by its rating. So far, Microsoft has not revealed any plans to change or alter the current Surface Pro models.

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