Middle School Girl Olivia Vella Is a Boss With Her Viral Slam Poem

And it’s a slam poem of the ages, speaking DIRECTLY to all those girls in school who think they’re not ‘good enough’.

If only we had middle school girls like this in droves, the education system would be much better off! Seriously…. This is impressive, speaking hard with heart at subject matter that we’re pretty sure every adolescent girl (and maybe even every boy, too) could relate. Check out the video for yourself and be mesmerized. Miss Olivia Vella speaks the truth. Listen.

She’s a seventh-grader, just so you know. And just in case you didn’t notice…. She didn’t do any reading. She performed that b*tch like it was her b*tch, no prompting or cards, and now her video’s viral all over social media thanks to Queen Creek Middle School posting her performance on its Facebook page.

She didn’t simply do the poem for the heck of it, though. This was her final writing assignment. We’re guessing she got at least an A- on it, although she’s witty and cunning with some of her props, and we’re pretty sure she got that A+.

Because she’s definitely good enough. All little girls are good enough.

You don’t need makeup. You don’t need to make yourself pretty. You don’t need to be like the popular ones. Just be you. Only you.

Be like Olivia Vella. She’s a boss.


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