Miley Cyrus Is a Bawling Baby Over Clinton’s Ballot Losing to Trump

And we’re not kidding. We don’t think she was acting or anything either.

Honestly, when it comes to Miley Cyrus and her antics, it’s hard to take her seriously. But this video gets us that much closer to thinking that Hillary Clinton losing to Donald Trump for the election of the President of the United States must hit hard for a lot of Americans out there! WOW.

We’re pretty sure this wasn’t anything sanctioned. Hillary Clinton didn’t approve this message or anything. Not that it would matter right now, of course. The way Miley Cyrus painted the picture seems very true for the entire country, so we only have to wonder: where do we go from here? When someone as crazy as Cyrus can be this open and frank about the state of the country with so many alligator tears, you’ve got to wonder….

Maybe she’ll get better if she just smokes something…. Hmm.

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