Missing Cat Found 60 Miles from Home

This cat took the long way home.

Last week we brought you Mo, an elderly retriever who spent nine months in Idaho, who was found safe. Well, today we have we have Barry, a cat who journeyed 60 miles from home in a span of four days. Now that is a well travelled cat.

According to the local newspaper, The News Journal, it all started around 7pm last Saturday, when the Redicks family noticed their cat missing. My suspicions is that this cat was just itching to get out because apparently this three year old indoor cat hadn’t been out of the home before. Or it’s quite possible that Barry was dealing with sibling jealousy. According to Emma Redick, they had just brought home a kitten two weeks ago. She said, “…He doesn’t like the new kitten very much, so I think he was mad at me and tried to run away.”

At first, the family called local shelters and went door to door as well. They were hoping he would make his way back, but after not finding any leads they were worried they had lost Barry for good. Emily Redick said she kept telling her youngest son Ryder that he was on vacation.

Soon, though, the family got a call from HomeAgain, the pet microchip company, and found out Barry was 60 miles away. Their suspicion is that he hitchhiked on the back of a semi-truck.

Now that we know the story has a happy ending, anyone else see this little story as a perfect future Disney movie?


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