Model Actress Jennifer O’Neill Giving Back to Military Veterans With Horse Therapy

We call that quite the value. Because these soldiers get great stuff just from being in the company of Jennifer O’Neill, right?

We’re willing to bet that a lot of these veterans deserving some love would know exactly who Jennifer O’Neill is and would love to get some hugs from the actress model-turned-philanthropist. Well, they get to have a whole lot more than that with a little something called “horse therapy.” Just watch the video:

Who knew, right? Got to love those horses. This ain’t a trendy thing either, and O’Neill knows what she’s doing. Hope and Healing at Hillenglade serves military veterans, current servicemen and women, plus all of their families, in a way that can only be described as paradise.

We can get behind that. PTSD, abuse, a lot of the problems that come with serving in the hell of war: that’s what soldiers face on a daily basis. They are our warriors, and a beautiful angel like Jennifer O’Neill giving them exactly what they need in their lives?

We can’t even talk about models and actresses as much anymore in a bad light!

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