New Gross Viral Image Shows The Dark Side of Competitive Cycling

Reaching the professional level in any competitive sport takes a strong body and an even stronger will. For professional sports players, greatness involves pushing the body far past what would be considered a safe limit.

This picture from Polish cyclist Pawel Poljanski sums up what it really takes to be a cycling legend.

After sixteen stages I think my legs look little tired 😬 #tourdefrance

A post shared by Paweł Poljański (@p.poljanski) on

Yes, those are what human legs look like after the grueling 16 stages of the Tour De France. The most surprising part is just how cool Poljanski seems with the whole thing. His Instagram reads “After sixteen stages I think my legs look a little tired.”

Other cyclist revealed that this image is actually pretty tame when compared to the other effects of cycling strain.

Many were shocked at the freakish image of the inflamed, sunburned skin covering an array of pulsing, leaf like veins. One user asked, “oh God, are you okay?” Another asked a rather worrying question: “If he got a paper cut, would he die?”

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