New Nonprofit Food Pantry Feeds Cats and Dogs, and It’s the COOLEST Thing

What a novel idea, and we’re willing to bet no one ever thought there was a need….

We automatically think that an abandoned pet was left behind precisely because owners didn’t care. That’s not always the case. The fact is some people fall on serious hard times — loss of a job, a pay cut, etc. etc. — and have no choice but to surrender their pets to animal shelters. The sad thing is there’s no telling that any of those shelters would end up having to euthanize the dogs and cats they have, because they can’t provide as well.

It’s sad, really…. And it is a cold, hard truth about today’s economy. More and more people can’t manage taking care of their pets at all. And they have no choice. Until….

New Nonprofit Food Pantry Feeds Cats and Dogs, and It's the COOLEST Thing

This guy had a novel idea: why not start a nonprofit pet food pantry?

John Lockwood was just an ordinary volunteer at organizations for food assistance and local animal shelters when a light bulb turned on in his head — he started Fuzzy Friends Food Pantry at his church, St. Anne’s Episcopal, with a promise:

To offer free dog and cat food to residents who need help in providing for their pets.

How it works is very much like how any other food pantry would work — organizations and other households would donate, and low-income families who care so much for their pets get to come in on the first and fourth Saturday of the month between 10AM and 11AM, receiving free pet food. All they need to do is fill out a form, bring a copy of their photo ID, and verification of their address and income. The rest is all downhill.

Even better is this assistance will be available for low-income families every 60 days. This means people can keep coming back. This keeps pets with their families. This keeps pets in their homes and not in shelters or cages.

I call that an awesome idea. Lockwood himself says that it’s a small operation at the moment, but with some community support, this could grow into something monumental.


Say it with me: we care about our pets!

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