Say Goodbye to Teavana Stores

If you shop here, or ever did, time to visit and say your goodbyes.

Say Goodbye to Teavana Stores
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Do you ever notice those people in the mall offering tiny cups of tea samples to passersby? Do you avoid eye contact as much as possible like I do?

Well for tea lovers everywhere, it’s time we bid adieu to Teavana, bought by Starbucks in December of 2012 for $620 million. They say the reason for the store closing is under performance and a reduction in mall foot traffic. Sadly, this seems to be the growing trend of mall retailers everywhere.

Luckily, Teavana workers everywhere can apply for jobs at Starbucks and so hopefully those 3,300 Teavana store employees will get jobs.

In case you are wondering, Tazo Tea is totally still a thing and so you can get your tea fix somehow through Starbucks. Just not through Teavana.

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