Oldest Human Fossils Ever Found Shakes Biblical Belief About the Age of Humanity

Estimated to be at least 100,000 years older than the oldest human fossils previously found, these remains unearthed in Morocco, date back 300,000 years! This is a clear indication that the belief held by many that the earth is only some 10,000 years old cannot possibly be true.

The oldest human fossils were found in North Africa

#1. Unearthing a Human Skull

Oldest Human Fossils Ever Found Shakes Biblical Belief About the Age of Humanity
Photo: aajkikhabar.com

The  North African discovery of the oldest human fossils ever found contradicts previous theories that the earliest Homo sapiens appeared in east Africa. It further boldly puts a rather big dent in the biblical interpretation of human creation, which contradicts science, depicts humans and dinosaurs living on earth at the same time and disputes the theory of evolution.

The oldest human fossils ever found alter the interpretation of human origins

According to Jean-Jacques Hublin, anthropologist and professor at Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, “Our analysis convinced us that this material represents the very root of our species, the oldest Homo sapiens ever found in Africa or elsewhere. Now scientists believe that the cradle of humankind encompasses all of Africa… I’m not claiming Morocco became the cradle of modern humankind…Rather, we would support the idea that around 300,000 years ago, very early forms of Homo sapiens were already dispersed all over Africa. This is facilitated by the fact that between 330,000 to 300,000 years before the present, Africa did not look like it does today and there was no Sahara Desert. There was a lot of connection between other parts of the continent.”

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