Peep the Newest Oreo Flavors Coming Soon

Apple pie and mocha Oreos due this summer.

Peep the Newest Oreo Flavors Coming Soon
@junkbanter Instagram

Let’s just move on from the weirdness that was the Peeps and Oreos combo and look ahead to some new flavors on the Oreos horizon.

No, Nabisco hasn’t hopped on the unicorn trend just yet, but we expect it’s not far off. Until then, feast your eyes (and soon your tastebuds) on these new yummy offerings: Mocha and Apple Pie.

First up, Oreo and Dunkin’ Donuts are teaming up for what we think is one of the best flavor combos around – chocolate cookie with mocha filling. This Oreo treat is expected to hit shelves in July, with Instagrammer JunkBanter writing: “Wake up and smell some new Oreos!! Here’s a much better look at the Dunkin Donuts Mocha Oreos that I talked about last year. I’m showing a release in July just after Jelly Donut, but as always: you didn’t hear it from me, and don’t listen to me ever. They’re comin’ though.”

Peep the Newest Oreo Flavors Coming Soon  Peep the Newest Oreo Flavors Coming Soon
@junkbanter Instagram

JunkBanter also shared some scoop on Apple Pie Oreos, noting: “For the second consecutive summer, we’ve got some pie Oreos to cram in our pie holes. Apple Pie Oreos will release in mid-to-late August. They’ll use a graham wafer just like Blueberry Pie Oreos, but thankfully these will not be exclusive to one store this time around. Long overdue flavor.”

Sounds like the summer is going to have some sweet new treats to check out!

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