Penguin Is More Than Excited To See Who Just Walked Into the Room

It’s so cute I’m gonna diiiieeeeeeeee!

Penguins are not that easy to find (please, don’t ask me why; I assume you already know that they live in freezing-cold climates). If interacting with them was easier, we would be surprised of how loving and caring these amazing folks can be.

Take Cookie, for example, a little penguin, who is also the mascot of the bird house at the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio. Since Cookie is the penguin mascot, one of the zookeepers thought about filming everybody’s favorite buddy walking around the facility.

However, when Cookie saw his favorite caretaker, things got a lot more adorable:

Just look at Cookie’s little face and how it lit right up with joy when he sees the caretaker. We bet these two BFFs have spent a lot of great moments together!

This is a great answer to the question many people ask about “wild” animals (they usually mean animals that we do not take as pets) and their emotions. Isn’t Cookie’s reaction the same a puppy would have after seeing its family?

However, this is a great explanation about why people love penguins so much even though pop culture has been quite harsh on them –remember Penguin on “Batman”? Because they are too cute!

About The Penguin

Penguins are not just some beautiful birds but a really amazing creature. Their flippers do not help them fly (they are flightless) and they only use them when they want to glide through the water.

They also come in many different varieties, colors, and sizes depending on the location someone can find them. For the record, the smallest species of penguin is Eudyptula minor. Those little buddies measure between 13 and 17 inches. Awwww!

Penguin Is More Than Excited To See Who Just Walked Into the Room

Also, penguins are monogamous –well, most of them. In fact, there are some species like the Emperor Penguin whose relationship status is a little bit more complicated. They mate with a penguin for a season and then mate with another one.

However, they never cheat!



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