Polarizing Political Cartoon Compares Betsy Devos Protests To Jim Crow and Segregation.

Regardless of What Side of The Aisle You’re On, You Have to Admit This Is Insensitive.

McCoy created the cartoon after Devos was barred from going inside a public school by a mob anti-Devos protesters. McCoy thought he was “speaking out against hate.”

While Betsy and Bridges were both barred from entering schools by mobs, the cartoon lacks perspective. For one, Bridges was barred from entering the school due to her race. She never did anything wrong, or took any aggressive action against any group.

Devos was barred from entering the school for her actions. Devos’ family has a worry track record of bribing politicians, and pushing her plans to the detriment of poor school districts.

Devos was sworn in as Secretary of Education last week. In a historic first, vice president Mike Pence had to break a 50/50 senate deadlock with his deciding vote. Despite her short term, Devos’ plans have already sparked outrage and protests throughout the country

Some say her non-traditional views on education may be just what America needs. Others say her lack of relevant experience will destroy a system that’s already ailing.

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