Puppy Plane Flies Rescued Dogs to Loving Foster Homes

These puppies deserve all the love!

These 10 puppies are in for a sweet treat! After losing their mom in North Carolina, they were rescued by kind people. Now, they got to ride in a puppy plane to New Jersey where they’d have a more likely chance of being adopted.

Puppy Plane Flies Rescue Dogs to Safety | The Dodo

These poor puppies were found under a trailer after their mom was hit by a car when they were just three weeks old. How sad is that? Thankfully, people cared enough to save them and fly them somewhere they’d have a good chance of being adopted. Pilots Dean and Bob were responsible for flying the puppy plane to safety and they did an excellent job. They gracious volunteered their time and their plane to do this, which was super sweet. Once the puppies were on land again, they couldn’t stop wagging their tails. So cute!

They’re currently living with foster families now thanks to Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary. So far, they’re learning everything they need to know about being a dog. Soon, they’ll be ready for their forever homes!

What you can do to help:

If this story touches you, please consider supporting Faithful Friends Animal Sanctuary. Since they take care of a lot of animals, there’s a wishlist they need your help with. If you could get any items on their list and send it to them, they would appreciate it greatly. Some of the items on the list include Purina Dog Chow, Purina Cat Chow, Tennis Balls, and Milk Bone Dog Treats. They also need more cleaning items like paper towels and toilet paper. Also, please consider donating to Pilots N Paws, the nonprofit that safely flew these puppies to New Jersey. If you can’t donate anything to either one of these companies at this time, please share to spread awareness!

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