Pusha T Breaks the Gangsta Rap Mold By Funding a 6-Year-Old Boy’s College Tuition

Say what??? Rappers can use all their cash money to, dare I say it, help children out??

This isn’t a publicity stunt at all. Not by any stretch. But it turns out that when a rapper like Pusha T has been in the situation as a kid where bullets rain over your head, and all you want to do is feel safe at home or in school, we guess that it makes an impression.

Meet Jeffrey “Lil J” Laney, arguably the cutest 6-year-old boy, sending out a Facebook video in an effort to end gun violence in his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. You can guess that the kid went viral in a big way, but no one expected him to get that viral….

He got the attention of Pusha T via The Shaderoom, apparently, and the rapper wrote this back to Lil J….

“I saw your video and I’m really sorry that you are having to deal with people shooting guns and hurting others where you live…. A lot of people can’t imagine how hard it is being a kid where you are from. If I were you, I would be scared, too. But I thought it was very brave of you to speak up and try to help your family, friends, and community.”

Pusha T, you tha man! After promptly sending that message, he made a pledge to start a scholarship just for that little boy, ensuring that he’ll make it to the university and achieve his dreams.

That’s ultimately the best weapon against all sorts of calamity. Overcome the odds.

Pusha T went a bit farther with his goodness, though, lining up a trip to Six Flags for Lil J and his family as well as an iPad, games, books, and other goodies.

Hot damn! You see? Rappers out there can be some of the best people in the world! Especially when they understand and relate…. God bless, Pusha T.

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