R.I.P. – Microsoft Paint Is Leaving Windows After 32 Years

Rest in peace, MS Paint!

Millennials all over the world, you guys that have been using Windows since the nineties, we have some sad news for you. Microsoft’s next Windows 10 update, Fall Creators Update, will be the next Bill Gates hit with tons of new features. However, one basic feature will be missing: Microsoft Paint.

Microsoft Paint has been there since the first Windows 1.0 version in 1985 and it was among the very first graphics editors people could use. Gradually, Paint became an integral part of the Windows. Fun fact here: The .JPEG picture format was not available until Windows 98.

In the Windows 10 Creators Update which was released in April, the new Paint 3D was introduced and provided users with some basic 2D image editing features and 3D image making tools. However, you should not consider Paint 3D an update to the original Paint since it is installed alongside the traditional program.

Furthermore, Microsoft recently announced that Microsoft Paint is scheduled for death along with Reader, Reading List, and Outlook Express. Boohoo!

R.I.P. - Microsoft Paint Is Leaving Windows After 32 Years

Okay, we have to be honest. Paint was never one of those apps that you desperately needed to get a creative job done or one of the programs that would give you all the sophisticated editing tools to make your graphics stand out. However, it was great for some copy – paste job or for some basic time killing. Apart from those, Microsoft Paint feels like a legacy. An old, traditional piece of dinnerware your grandmother had given you and would feel really bad if you broke.

Even when Microsoft updated the app for their Windows 7 version, the tools offered were still too poor for professionals who would install Photoshop or even Paint.NET, a third-party alternative.

R.I.P. - Microsoft Paint Is Leaving Windows After 32 Years  R.I.P. - Microsoft Paint Is Leaving Windows After 32 Years

We still don’t know when MS Paint will be officially removed since Microsoft has not announced the official Windows 10 Fall Creators Update release date. What we do know is that Paint is under the deprecated column for apps that are “not in active development and might be removed in future releases” and that we will miss it.

After all, it is considered one of the longest-running apps ever.

Goodbye, Microsoft Paint! You will be missed…

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