Rat Shows Off Her Baby To Her Human Mom

We got to admit, this is pretty cute.

Most people hate rats. They don’t exactly have the cleanest reputation (I mean, bubonic plague anyone?), but believe it or not, they make pretty good pets. This particular rat just gave birth and is so proud of her baby she cannot stop showing her human mom the baby. Check it out for yourself in the adorable video below.

Rat Shows Off Her Baby To Human Mom | The Dodo


We can’t say rats are America’s favorite household pet, but they can be pretty cute at times. This video proves it. After giving birth to a healthy baby, a mama rat was so proud of her child that she had to show her human owner. Rats are quite intelligent creatures, so it’s no wonder the rodent knew exactly what to do. She gently grabbed onto her human owner’s finger using her teeth and actually pulled her towards the baby. How amazing is that? It’s clear this mama wanted her human mommy to interact with the baby, otherwise, she wouldn’t never done this!

And she doesn’t do it just once, but twice! Of course this doesn’t hurt the human, but it is making a statement. It’s as if the rodent is saying “This is your granddaughter – hold her!”. We must admit, the baby is pretty cute too. And so is her rat mommy.

We guess the question boils down to this: Would you hold the baby rat? Yes or no? Some people are too grossed out by the rodents to even be close to them, let alone have one as a pet. Yet others view it just like having a pet hamster or even a pet mouse. We have to admit, if the rat was as docile as the one in this video, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. But then again, we can’t expect everyone to agree.

If you’d like to see more super cute rat/rodent videos, here’s a video compilation you can enjoy. Prepare to laugh and see a whole new side to rodents!

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