REAL “Cowgirl” Hannah Simpson Rides a Cow Like a Horse

And not just for a slow meander out in the fields to eat grass!

We’re willing to bet you never knew cows could race like the dickens. That’s generally because you don’t often get to see them chased around. It’s a fact that these bovine racers are pretty fleet of foot, and Hannah Simpson, 18-year-old from New Zealand, has proved it for quite some time now.

She’s been riding cows — and leaping over all sorts of obstacles — since she was 11 years old.

The idea of riding a cow and having it jump over things sort of happened by accident, though. Back when she was 11, her brother dared her to ride their cow Lilac (which you see in the video), because it turned out she couldn’t get a pony or horse for her birthday. Sadly.

It turned out she really didn’t need a stallion at all. Instead, this milk-making lady was Hannah’s ride into the frontier, and it didn’t take much to train her on using those shorter legs to leap.

We’re willing to bet you’ve never seen such a high-leaping heifer rank up there with the horses of shows. Yee HAW!


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