Real-Life “Spider Kid” Just Broke the World Record for Doing WHAT?

Yeah. Exactly. This kid did THAT. Danced LITERALLY around his own head. How many times?

He does have a nickname, and it’s not ‘spider kid’. Rather, it’s Spider Boy (close enough). And he has the nickname for a reason. The kid’s so elastic he might as well be a freakin’ rubber band. The kid should try out for the Palestine Olympics gymnastics team, because we have a real human slinky on our hands. Check out the video here:


He’s only 13 years old. Jesus God, Mary, mother, Jehoshaphat Buddha crap. He’s actually from Gaza with the name Mohammed Alsheikh, now holding the world record for most full body revolutions while in a “chest stand” — in just one minute. Crazy. Why would anyone want to accomplish this? And that’s so specific….

Wait…. 38 freakin’ times??
If I tried that, I’d snap my spine in several places, reduced to a paraplegic. This defies natural logic, physics, biology. How can any kid, let alone a boy (SPIDER boy) do this?? Is there magic involved? Did he get bitten by a radioactive arachnid? Did Stan Lee visit him recently??
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