Regular People Recreate Steamy Romantic Novel Covers

This is hillarious!

A romantic novel does not need much to be successful. Some writing, a lot (and we mean A LOT!) of steamy moments, and an eye-catching cover. A really eye-catching cover. However, we bet you have seen how extravagant some of them are.

Airbrushed models posing sensually in over-the-top sceneries while some calligraphic letter in Italics reveal the title. But what if regular humans replaced those models? What if an everyday couple decorated the cover?

Well, now you don’t have to worry!

Lorraine Heath, writer, talked with Cosmopolitan back in February, and she mentioned that a romantic novel needs a provocative cover if the writer wants their book to sell.

Romance readers do base a lot on the covers. That’s the first thing that they look for… I’ve seen readers post that they’ve picked up books simply because they wanted the cover that was on the book. It needs to be a little provocative. It’s also helpful if it tries to capture the mood of the story,” she says.

That was when Kathleen Kamphausem decided to use her skills as a photographer and a photo editor to recreate some of the most passionate covers she had ever come across.

Ready for some fun? Let’s go!

#1 Enchanted Paradise

Regular People Recreate Steamy Romantic Novel Covers

Yes, a night of passion is what we all desperately need. Ah.

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