Rescued Mama Cow Cries Out for Missing Baby

The mama cow had recently been rescued, but immediately started crying out for her baby…

Dairy cows live terrible lives. They’re kept alive to produce milk for humans, and almost none of it goes to their actual babies. Thankfully, this dairy cow was rescued from that line of work. She was brought to a sanctuary, The Gentle Barn, but her troubles were far from over. The mama cow (named Maybelle) started crying out for her baby, which was still on the farm where she was rescued from. That’s when the rescuers knew they had to go back for the baby. Want to see what happens? Check out the touching video below.

Rescued Cow Crying for Missing Baby REUNITED | The Dodo

At first, the rescuers didn’t know what was wrong. When they brought her back to the sanctuary, the mama cow wouldn’t stop crying out. After it continuously happening, they finally realized this only happens when a baby is involved.

“She kept crying and pacing and calling out,” said Ellie Laks, founder of The Gentle Barn, “and in my experience, with all the cows we have taken into The Gentle Barn, the only reason they ever cry like that is because they are looking for a baby.”

So they knew the only thing they could do was to return to the old farm and see if there was a baby calf left behind. They weren’t even sure if the baby would still be there. Thankfully, when they got to the old farm, the farmer confirmed a calf on the grass field was in fact her baby. And, he was kind enough to give the baby to the rescuers. After that, the baby was driven to her new home!

It was so nice to see the mama cow reunited with her baby cow. As soon as Maybelle heard her baby cow’s crying (while being transported in the car), she started to cry back. They started mooing to each other, back and forth, and eventually they were able to stand side by side again. Now, they’re finally a family again. Yay for happy endings!

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