Restaurant Lies at the Center of a Pentacle. Customers Are Furious!

Would you eat there?

Another day, another conspiracy theory for all of you, folks, who like playing with the facts, twist them around, and make them work for your wicked minds. My mind included. So, this new theory suggests that Outback Steakhouse, a pretty popular restaurant chain, is a Satanic cult.

If we consider that this is a restaurant chain specializing in steak and deep-fried onions, we can only assume that this is just a vegan propaganda.

Okay, just kidding people!

A Twitter user with the great username, @eatmyaesthetics, studied the layout of Outback Steakhouse locations. For some reason. So, @eatmyaesthetics found out something really strange about the company that owns 978 restaurants across the US and has been around since 1998.

The Occult Layout

Well, it is quite obvious that there is a specific pattern in several cities formed by Outback Steakhouse joints. Amazingly, the patterns show a pentacle in every city someone can find an Outback place. The symbol, for the record, which is definitely not satanic, is used within Wiccan practice and in a number of ancient cultures and religions. In Western civilizations, though, pentacles are highly associated with Satanism.

We know what you are thinking. That if you take five different points on any map, a pentacle will be revealed every single time. However, this sh*t is real and people are furious asking for answers and official statements from the company.

Twitter is on fire, people!

And those who didn’t buy it:

Outback Steakhouse responded via Twitter:

The company does not really care about conspiracy theories so they chose the silent road and they released no official statement. However, The Daily Dot reached out to a representative who said that they have no plans when asked if they were plotting anything nefarious, “other than to bring bold steaks and Bloomin’ Onions to our guests!”

Oh, and let’s get some things straight. Of course, it is a coincidence if you think that the restaurant chain owns nearly 1,000 joints in the country. I’m sure that if someone searched, they would find many other different and various shapes.

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