San Francisco Man Abuses His Shiba Inu in Graphic Footage, But There’s a Happy Ending!

A San Francisco man is the focus of an internet hate mob and criminal charges after footage s of him abusing his Shiba Inu dog surfaced on the internet.

The footage begins as the owner, Zixuan Liu, swings and drags his dog Aniki by a leash around his neck. This isn’t the worst,  as the abuser escalates the violence once the elevator door closes. He begins to bash and stomp on the dog’s head and throat which could potentially inflict lethal damage on a dog so small. Finally, he picks the dog up by its head and kicks it out of the elevator, undoubtedly to inflict more torture in private later.

San Francisco Man Abuses His Shiba Inu in Graphic Footage, But There's a Happy Ending!

Fortunately, San Francisco Animal Control and local law enforcement apprehended Liu almost immediately after the footage was leaked. While he didn’t receive any jail time, he has been put on three years of probation. His probation includes community service hours, mandatory counseling, a several thousand dollars in fines, and he must cover the whole cost of Aniki’s medical and emotional care at San Francisco Animal Control.

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