Seth Meyers Just Nailed the Next 4 Years of Donald Trump’s Presidency

And while we’re at it, he nailed the future beyond as well in somber, brilliant, and emotional fashion.

These are the kind of late show speeches we’ll remember for a really long time. Something so pivotal. Arguably more memorable than anything Miley Cyrus would put out there, of course! His monologue on the latest edition of his late show was a bit shocking, though…. And interesting. Because he speaks not only of jest to one Donald Trump, but of humility and professionalism, something perhaps even one Jon Stewart or even Stephen Colbert could applaud…. We can only imagine Jimmy Fallon’s reaction to the election results, and we certainly know what Canada’s reaction was! But that’s beside the point. What you need to do right now is absorb what Seth Meyers said, his thoughts, on the election 2016, and the fact that we have a “steak salesman” for a President right now. Check it out.

Well said, Seth Meyers. Well said.

We’re also willing to bet you’re going to make a beeline for California now that they’ve legalized recreational weed (NO JOKE!). Holy cow, this country’s going in one heck of a direction….

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