Sexy Men and Coffee: What a Great, Extremely Hot Combination!

Who knew?

Lately, many social media accounts have been featuring sexy men doing everyday stuff: men holding kittens, men reading sophisticated books, feeding babies etc.

However, there is a special Instagram account, @menandcoffee, which features nothing more than sexy men who drink coffee. Really. That’s all.

Anyway, @menandcoffee was created some time ago by Alex Tooby, a social media specialist from Vancouver, who had the idea of collecting photos of men drinking or holding a cup of coffee. As the account was getting more and more publicity, men started uploading themselves with the hashtag #menandcoffee and vanity took over the reins.

Alex Tooby talked to The Huffington Post about her project that has gained more than 384,000 followers and counting:

“The idea came up randomly with a friend one night. We were just discussing the sex appeal of men drinking coffee. After that I went home, checked social media and saw no one was showcasing these two things together, so I decided to jump on it,” Tooby told The Huffington Post. “The first few pictures I posted were images I found online via Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. Shortly after that, the #menandcoffee hashtag started taking off and now I just use images I find there.”

Since this is not a men’s world we live in anymore, there is another account, @womenandcoffee, which follows the same patern: “I registered the two accounts at the same time with the idea that if ‘Men and Coffee’ took off, that I would run them simultaneously,” she explained.

“That’s exactly what happened. … It’s hard to say if it will reach the success that ‘Men And Coffee’ has at this point, but I’m hopeful.”

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