Shaquille O’Neal’s Feet Horrify The Internet


Shaquille O’Neal had an unpleasant surprise for his fans when he decided to show his feet live on national television after he took his shoes and socks off. As it turned out, it only took two socks for a huge shock.

Of course, since this is the Internet we are talking about, the moment Shaq’s feet stole the show became viral, and Twitter users who were watching NBA on TNT’s halftime report of Thursday’s Cavs-Celtics Game 5 obsessed over it.

Ernie Johnson, the host, was asking Shaquille O’Neal a question when the athlete said: “Check out at those claws.” Everybody did and some millions of jaws dropped.

Watch the video below: After all, you’ve been warned!

The absolute truth is that it came as no surprise the fact that Twitter users and fans expressed everything between disgust and terror. In fact, his own son, Shareef O’Neal tweeted about his father’s feet saying that they terrified him since he was a little kid.

Recently the basketball legend underwent a nail removal procedure but the results were not that great. OBVIOUSLY!

“What is that thing where your big toe should be? It looks like a baked potato and four toes!” host Ernie Johnson said getting the entire audience ROFLing.


For the record, this is not the first time Shaquille O’Neal posts his feet on the internet. Two years ago, he posted a picture on Instagram with the hilarious tagline: “She was like dam you got some pretty feet.”

She was like dam you got some pretty feet

A post shared by DR. SHAQUILLE O'NEAL Ed.D. (@shaq) on

When TNT featured Shareef’s tweet, O’Neil junior had some concerns:

You’re right Shareef. Especially since you might be in your dad’s shoes one day. Shareef O’Neal is a talented high school basketball player who could become huge one day.

Just like his father and his father’s size 22 shoes.

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