She Was Bullied Because of Her Body. Today She, Looks Like THIS!

There are so many studies out there about bullying and how it can affect a child’s psychology. According to one, 160,000 kids and teens skip school every day to avoid bullies and one in seven students have experienced some kind of bullying in their lifetime.

This is Victoria Thornewell, a 21-year-old girl who looks amazing in the picture below and her body looks more than great.

She Was Bullied Because of Her Body. Today She, Looks Like THIS!

Victoria’s high-school classmates, surprisingly, used to call her ugly and teased her about the way her body looked –which, between me and you, looks amazing. Victoria has talked with the Mirror about her experience:

“At secondary school, I was seen as ugly by other kids and it made me not believe in myself. People don’t understand what those kinds of words can do to someone,” she said.

But Thornewell didn’t care and she participated in a local pageant in 2014. Of course, she won! This is Miss Leicester, Victoria Thornewell:

It's handover time!! It's been a pleasure 🙌🏼😍🌏 #missleicester

A photo posted by Victoria Thornewell UKBFF/IFBB (@vikkithorney) on

“When I won Miss Leicester 2014, I got lots of support from people who’d kept quiet when I was being mocked at school, but thought, ‘Where were you when people were calling me ugly?’,” she said to the Mirror.

However, for some reason, that was not enough. Thornewell wanted more and she decided that she should start working out to become a competitive bodybuilder. So, she followed a 19-week diet and exercise plan and shared the results on her Instagram profile.

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