Soldier Honors His Black Combat Dog Cena in Final Farewell

Get the Kleenex. Like, NOW.

Right in Muskegon, Michigan, a true hero was celebrated. Not a hero on the silver screen, or a guy who looks like the musclebound Rock. Not even, really, a super soldier like Captain America. Rather, recently literally hundreds of people lined the streets of the town to honor a black combat dog by the name of Cena. Check out the video:

You’re looking at a true warrior, actually. This dude as dark as midnight served with arguably the hardest of soldiers, the Marines, but more often that not, he served not only his country, but his combat partner, who as you can see stood with a heavy heart to honor his fallen comrade.

Cena, of course, had a decorated history in the military — serving three tours of duty in Afghanistan. After recently retiring in 2014, it was discovered that the valiant combat dog was diagnosed with terminal bone cancer.

He found his ticket to the rainbow bridge just this week. He was a seasoned 10 years old.

Hooah, Cena. We’ll all see you someday soon.

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