Stray Dog Living in Pipes Rescued, Finds Forever Home

What a cute pupper.

Who doesn’t love a happy ending?

This poor stray dog was so frightened, he hid inside pipes in an oil refinery for months, but no one was able to locate the pooch because he would dart into the pipes whenever people approached.

Thankfully, rescuers from Hope for Paws were able to save the dog, listening carefully to find his location among the myriad of pipes and coaxing him out into a cage.

Once they had him secure, they removed him to a safe location, where he was well fed and cared for before eventually finding his forever family.

Watch the difference between his rescue and his interaction with people once he was safe and loved.

Tank’s bio on the Much Love Animal Rescue adoption page noted: “TankTwo is sweet as pie. He was living on the streets in an industrial field and had to be trapped by a rescue group that got him all fixed up and now he ready for his forever home. He is energetic and seems super smart. He would love to find someone who is willing to obedience train him and make him the greatest dog ever.  He is healthy and ready to go.”

One commenter on the video noted: “From alone and scared to safe and happy with a lot of hard work and good people in between. Great rescue, thank you. Peace.”

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