Struggling Seagull Gets Rescued by Kind People

This poor seagull needed a helping hand.

In Croatia, a seagull was struggling in the water. We’re not sure why exactly, but he definitely looked like he needed help. Thankfully, some kind strangers found him while cruising through on their boat. One of them jumped into the water to bring the seagull to safety. Check out the inspiring video for yourself below!

Guy Jumps Into Water To Help Struggling Seagull | The Dodo

When the man jumped into the water, he swam over to the water bird and carefully lifted him up. Then, he proceeded to swim back to the boat. He made sure to tell the other person on the boat to grab the bird from under the belly. This would make the bird more comfortable and reduce chances of anyone getting hurt. Once the person on the boat took the bird, the guy who dived into the water climbed onto the boat as well.

From there, they gave the seagull fresh water (since it’s dangerous to drink sea water) and some food. The water bird certainly seemed thirsty and hungry, that’s for sure! He drank and ate whatever they gave him without fuss. There didn’t seem to be anything physically wrong with him, so that was good. Maybe he was just overtly tired and needed a good drink with some food.

Either way, after that, the two men sent the bird on his way. Bye bye Mr. Seagull! Stay safe,, hydrated, and fed!

What to do if you see an injured bird:

If you come into a situation like this, or see a bird that’s injured, there are a few things you should do. According to Audubon, “If you find an injured bird, carefully put it in a cardboard box with a lid or towel over the top, and place in a cool, safe place. Birds go into shock very easily when injured, and often die from the shock.”

For more information on what to do, visit Audubon’s injured birds and orphaned chicks page. They also provide a wildlife rehabilitator directory that could help you find a wildlife rehabilitator in your area. As always, please share this article to help spread awareness!

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