Thanks to New Technology, We Might Be Able to Understand What Our Pets Are Saying

Yep, you heard right. When Fido barks, you’ll know what he’s saying to you.

That movie “UP” from Pixar Studios had something going there, probably a lot more than they thought, as it turns out…. Well, in ten years, we just might have the technology to translate everything our dogs (and probably cats) say into English. And it ain’t far-fetched. It’s quite grounded in science.

According to that science, prairie dogs now have a sort of ‘language’, a language so rudimentary that a professor at Northern Arizona University has developed such a translation device that can determine exactly what prairie dogs say.

How so? After extensive research, the noises prairie dogs make account for several descriptions of all sorts of colors — and even other animals, namely predators.

To know that prairie dogs actually have a working language — at least with themselves — is groundbreaking. And the science lends a lot of credence toward what could be possible with not only dogs, but cats.

After all…. Cats only seem to meow with humans (ever notice that?). They’re obviously talking to us. What if they’re saying something to us we don’t understand, and they just might be saying the words “feed me, you fat f*ck,” or a dog would ask “can you please take me for a walk, because I have to pee like a Russian racehorse!”?

The tech still has a long way to go, because as we know, dog and cat language is quite intricate, with a lot of variables. But if this is any indication, we might have our first Dug or Alpha at home asking for everything from the remote control to steak on the grill without a problem.


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