The Classic Romantic Comedy Turns 20: 7 Facts About ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’

The famous movie turns 20 years old in June. Here’s some facts you probably didn’t know about this iconic rom-com.

The Classic Romantic Comedy Turns 20: 7 Facts About 'My Best Friend's Wedding'

Is anyone else absolutely shocked that ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ turns 20 this June? I can’t wrap my head around it either. This famous romantic comedy stands out above the rest thanks to excellent acting choices and a revised ending that saved the movie. We’ve accumulated seven facts that you may not have known about the movie to celebrate the anniversary.

1 ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ almost ended with Julia Roberts living happily ever after with a new, non-best friend man of her dreams.

Luckily, audiences hated it. And the famous ending with George, Julia Robert’s best friend and conscience in the movie, was born.

2 Sarah Jessica Parker almost played lead. But as luck would have it, she already had signed on for Sex and the City.

3 Julia Roberts selected Cameron Diaz herself.

Originally, Drew Barrymore would play Kimmie. Yet, when Julia Roberts signed on, replacing Sarah Jessica Parker, she pushed for Cameron Diaz to take the role and picked Dermot Mulroney as the best friend she wants to marry.

4 Cameron Diaz deliberately sang bad for the sake of the movie.

In a 2014 interview with Good Morning America, Cameron Diaz admits her bad singing was just acting. Anyone else relieved yet slightly disappointed at the same time?

5 Australian Director who brought us the ABBA infused Muriel’s Wedding was the mastermind behind the “Say a Little Prayer” scene.

That scene, of course, turned out to be one of the coolest and most outstanding parts of the movie.

6 Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney remain close friends.

Dermot Mulroney recently gushed over his co-star and told E.T. that they remain friends after to this movie. “We, against all odds, managed to maintain a great close friendship.”

7 ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ – the TV Show – may actually happen one day.

In 2015, ABC announced that they are working on a TV series that continues where the movie left off. No recent news has been announced about it, but we can only hope.



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