The Clitoris: An Animation Explains How This Wonderful Organ Works

We know you need this.

Clitoris. I know. Even the word puts you in an uncomfortable position. Not because of the organ itself or because it is a taboo or something –it’s 2017, people. There is no reason why this beautiful organ which was celebrated in ancient Greece should be considered a taboo. It’s not the Middle Ages anymore.

The Clitoris: An Animation Explains How This Wonderful Organ Works

However, we know how difficult clitoris is to understand. Its function, the way it perceives pleasure, its intention… Even its form. Anyone who is attracted to the female sex finds it really hard to understand how to work with a clitoris that a documentary had to come out and make life easier for them.

Lori Malépart-Traversy, an animation director and screenwriter from Canada, had had enough. She decided is was about time she educated people out there (the writer included) on what that elusive clitoris really is. So, she created a great short documentary (which is also really cute with all these pastel colors in it) and she has already received a bunch of awards including the Best Short Film Award at Festival Vues d’en face 2017 and the Best Documentary at Chicago Feminist Film Festival 2017.

Now you don’t have to hurt your brain trying to figure out what clitoris is and how someone should …play around with it. Who needs science when we have great creators and the Internet?

Some extracts from the documentary that will blow your mind include:

  • Clitoris is like a small penis that fills with blood and lengthens when excited.
  • It wasn’t until 1559 when and Italian surgeon officially identified it.
  • Starting in the 1800s, scientists declared the clitoris as a useless organ.
  • The biggest clitoris enemy? Sigmund Freud who invented the concept of vaginal orgasm.
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