The Evolution of Gaming

One of the true cultural universals that binds people across the planet together are games of luck and skill. A brief history of gaming takes us back to ancient Greek, Chinese, and Roman civilizations. Philosophers such as Homer mentioned dice games in his ancient works. This led to archaeologists unearthing ancient Greek pottery that depicts various forms of game playing. In Rome, checkers were named “the game of 12 lines” and heads or tails was wildly popular. The ancient Chinese played the game of keno, a lottery game involving cards. They invented another lottery game using tiles and even decorated their cards with artwork.

During ancient times, gaming houses were created in special districts of the city to allow patrons to test their knowledge and skill. In the 1600s, European royalty formed gaming club houses that offered food, drink, music, and entertainment. Eventually, this concept evolved into the elaborate gaming centers of today. Over time, gaming became centralized in certain areas and cities such as Las Vegas formed as playgrounds for the adventurous. For previous generations, taking a shot at the roulette table and hoping to hit the prized jackpot meant taking a trip to Las Vegas or Atlantic City.


The Evolution of Gaming

While today’s technology has rapidly transformed every aspect of society, the casino floor remains largely unchanged. Of course, most games have been improved or enhanced over time, and tech tools like card scanners and automatic card shufflers have streamlined several processes. But, the most noticeable way that technology has transformed the world of gaming isn’t found in Las Vegas – it’s in the palm of your hand. The natural progression of cellular technology has impacted the gaming world, and gaming apps are now much more advanced and interactive.

The gaming world has changed thanks to the convenience of apps available for Android-powered mobile devices. Throughout the long and storied history of mobile gaming, advancement has progressed by leaps and bounds. The addition of full gaming functionality to smartphones and tablets represents another rapid leap forward. Popular games such as blackjack and Texas Hold’em can now be played at anytime, anywhere. Users also get to interact with other players from various locations around the world.

The Evolution of Gaming  The Evolution of Gaming

Registration for an online gaming app suite is a simple three-step process that requires little more than a mobile device and a data connection. Today, major casinos can be accessed directly via Android-equipped devices that enable live streaming of actual dealers and equipment. Players that enjoy the thrill of putting their money where their mouth is, utilize cutting-edge technology features such as live dealer games.

No matter the stakes or setting, gaming apps are consistently among the most downloaded apps on the Android market. For fun or serious stakes, these apps allow fans of blackjack, roulette, and other classic games the chance to flex their gaming muscle without booking a reservation for Sin City.

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