The Funniest PewDiePie Videos Ever Uploaded

How’s it going bros? His name is PewDiePie!

He is the King of YouTube. The number one YouTube sensation. His name is PewDiePie and even if you are not a fan of his work, you are definitely familiar with it.

Either you know him as the Swedish guy who screams while playing video-games or as the pioneer who turned his YouTube channel into a multi-million dollar empire, PewDiePie has a strong fanbase (53 million subscribers and counting) and billions of views (more than 14,000,000,000) that make him an expert at what he does.

However, some people still believe that Felix Kjellberg (his real name) has changed and that he is not the person he used to be three or even four years ago. And you know what? That’s true. PewDiePie is not the same person anymore and his channel is not how it was because, as he has already told in a video “he cannot be the same person he was back then.”

No matter how much we loved 2012’s Pewds, these “recent” videos we have collected for this post prove that he still is a great guy with a unique sense of humor that has made him what he is today. A superstar.

Are you ready? Go!

#5 The Most Controversial Video

Okay. We know that this video (more than 8.5 million views) has gained a lot of negative popularity. After all, it features two black men holding a sign with a clearly anti-semitic message but, as he explained later, it was just a joke he felt bad about.

Don’t overreact, guys. Please!

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