The Genius McDonald’s Hack That Ends All Hacks


The Genius McDonald's Hack That Ends All Hacks

You may not necessarily think of McDonald’s as your go-to for dessert, but this genius hack might just bump the fast food chain up as a destination for your new favorite dessert.

So, check this out. Someone got an amazing idea at McDonald’s to create the most delicious treat of all time.

Twitter user @nxthvniel_ made the magical discovery that the Oreo McFlurry and McDonald’s Chocolate Chip Cookies are a match made in heaven.

Yep, it’s a McFlurry Sandwich. And it’s pretty brilliant. And ridiculously easy, which is always important.

Order a small Oreo McFlurry and two Mcdonald’s chocolate chips cookies. Allow the cookies to cool, then spread one with McFlurry ice cream (heap it on!) and top with the second cookie.

How great is that?

The Genius McDonald's Hack That Ends All Hacks  The Genius McDonald's Hack That Ends All Hacks

He posted pics on Twitter and the hack went runaway viral, receiving plenty of favorable comments, such as: “Why haven’t I ever thought of this” and “You’re on to something.”

People started giving the tip a try themselves, sharing their very successful results, and commenting, “Okay this is amazing,” “thank u for this,” and “yum.”

Others were surprised the ice cream machine was working, however, with comments like: “Wow idk if I should be more in shock with how awesome of a creation this is or that their ice cream machine works.”

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