The Kung Fu Nuns Of Nepal Get More Than A Kick Out of Life

The Kung Fu nuns of Nepal are determined to change the world one bold and powerful kick at a time. Read on for more about this nation’s only order of nuns ever to engage in the deadly martial art form made so famous by the late Bruce Lee.

The Kung Fu nuns of Nepal receive instruction from a Vietnamese teacher

Every day, 350 nuns, aged between 10 and 25, take part in three intense training sessions where they practice the exercises taught to them by a devoted teacher, who visits twice a year from Vietnam. His purpose is to promote gender equality and empower the young women, who mostly come from poor backgrounds in India and Tibet. The women learn to handle traditional weapons, such as the sword, saber and lance, as well as perfecting their postures.

The Kung Fu nuns of Nepal save the world one bike ride at a time

#4. Nuns on Pilgrimage

The Kung Fu Nuns Of Nepal Get More Than A Kick Out of Life

The Kung Fu nuns of Nepal have made quiet but definite headlines concerning their incredible bicycle treks across some of the most treacherous terrain in the Himalayan region. There have performed seven runs so far, and recently in India, 300 nuns and monks riding bicycles finished another from Katmandu to Delhi, a journey of more than 1,553 miles. This trek was made on behalf of the Live to Love Foundation, which is focused on providing clean water to more than 8,000 people.

These cycle trips defy gender stereotypes one kick and one slap at a time

The Kung Fu nuns of Nepal and their cycling trips known as yatra have far exceeded their intent and expectations. They have forced government awareness to the point of embarrassment with a bold call to action for dealing with the urgency of environmental issues. More subtly but just as significant is their celebration of both human diversity and unity by emphasizing the need for bonding in the face of global matters that affect  the human race.

Ride on and keep on pushing, brave Kung Fu nuns of Nepal!

Get someone to translate the words of the women’s anthem of power, I am Woman, Hear Me Roar that Helen Reddy sang so beautifully some four decades ago.

“You can bend but never break me, for it only serves to make me more determined to achieve my final goal!”

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