The Original Colonel Sanders is Back as Spokesperson for KFC

The guy who started KFC is coming to a TV commercial near you.

The Original Colonel Sanders is Back as Spokesperson for KFC

Technology has found KFC ladies and gentleman. Colonel Harland Sanders, KFC’s original colonel and founder, has now become the spokesperson for KFC. How do you ask? Well, thanks to technology, KFC is bringing back commercials from the past and featuring the Colonel alongside more modern footage.

KFC U.S. director of advertising, George Felix says, “…No one can play the Colonel like the Colonel can play the Colonel. Unfortunately, our original Colonel stopped making ads in the 1970s, so we utilized technology to bring him into the 21st century to sell modern-day offers like our $5 Fill Up and $10 Chicken Share himself.”

Doing some reading about the Colonel brought me to his very interesting LinkedIn page that describes his upbringing and past. Here’s some facts you may not know:

1) He dropped out of the 6th grade because he didn’t like math.

He dropped out also in order to help his mother, brother and sister after their father died. He worked on their farm until he was 15 and then got a job as a streetcar conductor in Indiana.

2) KFC’s chicken still uses the original recipe.

And no one really knows what it is exactly. Apparently, the spice blend is brought together from different parts of the US and blended together at a single location. Apparently this recipe is highly guarded in a top secret vault that is closely monitored with 24 hour video and motion detectors.

3) After selling KFC, Colonel Sanders opened up a restaurant in his wife’s name.

After selling KFC in 1964, Colonel Sanders opened up a restaurant in Kentucky called, “Claudia Sanders Dinner House” (also called, “The Colonel’s Lady.” If you take a look at their website, their dining hall looks pretty beautiful. So I’d say this is also worth a try.

Anyone suddenly in the mood for KFC?



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