These Animals Were Left to Starve at an Abandoned Zoo

Now, they’re finally getting shown some love and freedom.

An abandoned zoo in Colon, Argentina left all it’s animals to starve. The abandoned zoo has a lot of different animals in it, including lions, tigers, and bears. Each one of them was extremely malnourished. They had no access to food or clean drinking water. Thankfully, rescuers stepped in and decided to do something about it. Now, they’re finally free.

Animals Left To STARVE At Abandoned Zoo Experience Love for the First Time | The Dodo

The zoo was located next to a busy soccer stadium. Often times, the animals couldn’t escape the noise and get a moments peace. Not to mention they were so hungry with no access to food.

It took rescuers two years of planning and negotiations before they could save them. Obviously, they must have fed them somehow in order to keep them alive for that long, but it’s clear these animals needed a better living arrangement.

After what felt like forever, they were finally able to transfer the animals out of the abandoned zoo and took them to a new home. The animals were nervous at first, but then they got the hang of freedom. They’re now safe and sound at Wild Animal Sanctuary. We hope they have a wonderful, long, happy life!

What you can do to help:

If this story touches you, then there’s more good you can do to help them. Please consider donating to Wild Animal Sanctuary. They are caring for these amazing animals along with the lives of more than 450 lions, bears, tigers, wolves, and other large carnivores (all of which live at the Sanctuary). You can donate anywhere from $10 to $100, or create your own amount. It can be a one time donation or a monthly occurrence. You can also adopt an animal  and have the choice to choose a smaller animal (Ex: Coyote) or bigger animal to adopt (ex: Bear). If donating and adopting aren’t your thing, here’s a list of other ways to help. As always, share this article to spread awareness!

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