These Bears Were Just Rescued From Cruel Bile Farms

They’re now in a bear sanctuary and couldn’t be happier!

Have you heard of bile farms? They’re disgusting. At the farms, bile is taken from bears and used in traditional medicines. The bears are locked in cages that are never meant to be open, so they don’t have any room to wander about. Thankfully, these bears were rescued from such an awful place. The rescued bears are named Wendles and Bazan.

Bears Rescued From Bile Farm Can’t Wait To Get To Sanctuary | The Dodo

These poor bears suffered a cruel life, but they, thankfully, they were rescued. Most bears in bile farms are not so lucky.

The process of extracting bear bile is far from pretty. It’s downright inhumane. A number of techniques exist, but all of them are gruesome. The techniques vary between Vietnam and China, but each technique involves keeping bears in tiny cages. Extraction methods range from “free dip” where the bear suffers a hole in their gall bladder, to the insertion of permanent catheters. Bears also literally grow up in these cages to the point where their bodies literally grow to fit the bars. Talk about horrific, right?

The bears in the video above were rescued by Animals Asia’s bear sanctuary in Vietnam. The rescue team broke open their cages, fed them fresh fruit, and transported them to their sanctuary. This was no small feat: They traveled over 600 miles in three days to bring the bears to their new home! Finally, they can wander around, make bear friends, and eat fresh food all they want. Now, they’re finally free.

What you can do to help:

If Wendles and Bazan’s stories disturbed you, there’s hope. You can help stop this inhumane practice. Please consider donating to Animals Asia so they can keep on rescuing bears in need (and providing happy homes for them!). You can make a one time donation, or even sponsor a bear. If you cannot donate, please share this article to help spread awareness!

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