This Awesome Video Proves Your Pet Dog Can Donate Blood

And it’s not as freaky as you would think. In fact, most pets seem to LOVE this!

How about that, huh? Your dog can potentially save livesCountless lives. What a way to boost the veterinary industry, allowing those doctors the resources they need to save a lot of cases requiring blood transfusion. Yes, it’s true — you can bring your dog into any one of these clinics, have your dog donate blood, and BOOM — instant gratification.

Of course, your dog’s probably thinking, hey, I got some great treats and toys to play with, and he/she would never know the difference. Check out the video:

This is for real? Holy crap…. When you think about it, though, it’s a bit nerve-racking. Your dog’s getting poked, and blood’s coming out. Not something your dog might be used to. The thing is all your dog feels is that little poke, and the rest is history. He/she then gets some great treats, a check-up, and a lot of love. Definitely worth still making it happen. Keeps pet dogs out there alive thanks to canine crusaders wanting to donate blood.

Bravo, Fido. You’ve done good!

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