This Company Actually PAYS Employees to Adopt Cats

And the company EVEN encourages those employees to bring the felines to the office.

For this company, though, it’s not exactly a new thing. The corporation’s called “Ferray,” an IT firm based out of Tokyo, and this is a company that has an adopt-cats policy going as far back as the year 2000. Nine cats, actually — and they roam free in the office of cables, computers, and rather happy employees!

That’s not all, though — the company’s CEO actually pays a bonus to any employee adopting a cat. It’s kind of a big policy around there.

The bonus roughly translates to about $45 a month additional on top of the salary or hourly rate of the employee. So you’re pretty much clear that every employee wants to adopt a cat. It’s free money!

It’s not that the CEO just happens to love cats. Rather, there’s a science and a reasoning to want to adopt cats in an office environment — science has proven that animals in the workplace actually reduce stress and increase productivity!

In this case, though, jokingly, the company’s reported several small outages here and there due to felines accidentally switching computers off. But it’s all worth it, coming to work and letting your cat rest right under your monitor.

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