This Couple Has a Legit Reason Why They Can’t Leave the House

The huntsman spider is no joke.

If you’ve ever wanted an excuse not to attend a social event, this is a doozy. “Sorry, can’t come out tonight, trapped at home by a spider,” might sound like a pathetic excuse, but if it’s a huntsman spider, there’s no friend who wouldn’t forgive your no-show.

These huge spiders are native to Australia and can grow to the size of a small dinner plate. Basically, they’re the stuff of nightmares for arachnophobes.

So, when Lauren Ansell and her boyfriend spotted one in their doorway, it was clear they weren’t going anywhere for a while.

The pair, who live in Queensland, nicknamed the spider Aragog, after the giant acromantula from Harry Potter. This behemoth of a spider didn’t seem to want to leave, so the pair consulted social media for opinions.

The main suggestion? Just burn your house to the ground and start again.

Meet the huntsman spider

This Couple Has a Legit Reason Why They Can't Leave the House

No matter how cool you are with your average spindly-legged arachnid, this is next level stuff.

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