This Daughter Caught Her Stepdad With Her Best Friend. Yes, We Have The Video.

Father of the Year? Maybe not.

What would you do if you caught your dad or stepdad with your best friend? If you cannot put yourself in this position, just watch the video below where Christina, an 18-year-old girl, wanted to see if her suspicions were right or wrong.

To Catch a Cheater

Christina felt that her stepdad, whose name we obviously don’t know, looked inappropriately at her female friends. Since all she had was just a bunch of suspicions, she enlisted the popular YouTube Channel, “To Catch a Cheater,” to find out how her stepdad would react to Tara, her beautiful 18-year-old classmate.

Will Christina’s stepdad go to the party?

The footage shows Tara chatting to Christina’s stepdad just outside their school seconds before she starts flirting with him. The 18-year-old complimented the man on his physique (which, between me and you, is great), and told him that she is “legal.” Within seconds, she invited him to a party.

The stepdad declines the offer because it would “make Christina feel a little bit weird” if he just showed up at a party she would be. However, when Tara assured that his step-daughter will not be there, he asks “if other grown-ups would be there.”

Long story short, the stepdad accepts the invitation and organizes a night in with Tara while his wife (and Christina’s mother) is away.

Christina starts screaming when her classmate gives her stepdad a kiss on the cheek shouting that she “took it too far.”

Fake or 100% Fake?

The clip has gone viral since more than a million of surprised viewers have watched it. However, people have been criticizing “To Catch a Cheater” as a fake web show with scripted dialogues and bad acting.

A YouTube user wrote: “This is faker than Donald Trump’s wig,” while another one left the funnier comment of them all: “Faker than the ads which tell me I can grow a 12inch c*ck in 3 simple steps.”

However, this spot-on comment caught my attention: 

“Oh my gosh. Stop annoyingly commenting it’s fake because, news flash: No. One. Cares. As long as it’s entertaining, then whatever. A lot of stuff like prank channels are fake but there entertaining so can we please stop these pointless comments and just post actual comments about what happened and not that it’s fake.”

My point, exactly!

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