This Deer Was Rescued From a Soccer Net

This is one intense rescue. A complete must-watch.

Sometimes, animals get themselves into tricky situations. This deer certainly did. He got himself stuff in a soccer net! Thankfully, a man was able to help rescue the deer, but not without hassle.

Deer Rescued from Soccer Net: INTENSE Animal Rescue | The Dodo

The deer was panicking: It’s clear to see in the video. He flares around a lot and the more he moves around, the more entwined the soccer net gets in his antlers. That said, a kind hearted man saw this animal’s struggle and was determined to help. It couldn’t ended badly, considering the deer was in such a panic. The deer could’ve accidentally hurt the man by thrashing right into him. A couple of times, the deer came close to doing exactly that too.

Fortunately, the man did not sustain any injuries. He was able to take a pair of pliers and cut the ropes of the soccer net off the animal. It took a while though. Unfortunately, the stag didn’t exactly understand the man was trying to help him, and kept moving. It made it very hard for the man to do anything to help. After several attempts though, he was able to snip off more and more. At the end of the video, he finally snips off just enough to let the buck run free.

This man was very heroic, but we don’t recommend trying this any time soon. If you see an animal in need of help, we suggest you find a wildlife rehabilitator in your state/area. Here’s a comprehensive list of wildlife rehabilitation centers you can find in any state, provided by the Humane Society of the United States. If you see an animal like this in need, be sure to call your local wildlife rehabilitation center. They’ll be able to help the animal and, if it needs extra care, they will nurse it back to health.

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