This Fox Was Rescued From a Fur Farm, Now She Wants to Make Friends With Everyone She Meets

We’re so happy she was given a second chance in life.

Ayla the fox was rescued from a fur farm when she was just 4 weeks old. Since she was born in captivity, she can never be released into the wild, but luckily she has an amazing home.

She lives with her human mom and her canine BFF Loke. They go hiking whenever they can, so Ayla can run free and do fox things as best she knows how.

Most probably because she was rescued so young, Ayla is happier and more well adjusted than you might imagine. In fact, she just wants to be friends with everyone. Dogs, humans, cows… you name it!

Looking at such a sweet and intelligent animal, it’s hard to imagine how anyone could wear fur!

Learn more about Ayla’s story below.

This fox was rescued from a fur farm, now she’s everyone’s friend

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