This Mini Cow Was Rescued From Slaughter And Now She Thinks She’s A Dog

What can you expect when she lives with 12 puppers?

Moonpie is a mini rescue cow who thinks she’s one of the dogs.

When a compassionate soul rescued a calf, she was lucky enough to be brought to Rocky Ridge Refuge Sanctuary.

But, since Moonpie is a calf of a miniature breed of cow, she was much too small to go outside with the other cows. Instead, the sanctuary’s owner, Janice, took the adorable little one into her home.

The thing is, Janice also has a whopping 12 rescue dogs who live inside with her. So, naturally, Moonpie has assumed that she’s a pup, too!

The mini rescue calf is inseparable from her new canine companions, particularly a deaf bull terrier named Spackle. And, the dogs treat Moonpie as though she was their surrogate baby, licking her face and generally watching over her.

Basically, it’s all too adorable for words, so let’s take a look at some photos!

Moonpie the mini rescue cow thinks she’s a dog

This Mini Cow Was Rescued From Slaughter And Now She Thinks She's A Dog
Rocky Ridge Rescue Sanctuary

She hangs out and plays with dogs all day, so it makes sense she thinks she’s one of the pack.

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