This Puppy Mill Rescue Dog Now Travels The World

In style, we might add.

Puppy mills are nothing to joke about. They function as large-scale dog breeding operations where profit is given priority over the wellbeing of the dogs. Thankfully, this puppy escaped that. Her name is Ella Bean and she’s a puppy mill survivor. She was rescued from a kill shelter just in time and now travels the globe. So adorable! She deserves to be pampered after going through what she did!

Puppy Mill Rescue Dog Lives in Style, Travels the World | The Dodo

This puppy has probably been to more places than you! Already, she’s visited Miami (Florida), Austin (Texas), Milan (Italy), Beverly Hills (California), The Hamptons (New York), Venice (Italy), and San Francisco (California). That’s a lot more than we can speak for! Way to go Ella!

Ella also loves fine dining and has been caught eating at the table – from a dish! How classy. Not every dog is blessed with good dining skills. She also enjoys luxurious baths  and plenty of ‘me’ time. She actually has a mini me (it’s just a toy) that looks exactly like her. So cute.

We hope this inspires more people to adopt and not shop. After all, shelter dogs make fantastic pets an travel buddies.

How you can help:

While we can’t tell you to adopt Ella (she’s already living an amazing life), we can ask you to adopt from a shelter, not a puppy mill. Please don’t support these cruel industries anymore. Puppy mills are only interested in breeding dogs and they’re often treated like products, which is so wrong. They’re never allowed to play and are forced to live in unsanitary conditions.  If you want to learn more about puppy mills, this is an article that we recommend reading. Just remember, adopt, don’t shop!

Take the pledge to not shop at places that sell puppies. By doing this, you are helping puppies everywhere. With your help, more puppies will live happy lives like Ella!

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