This Sick Pit Bull was Chained Up for 8 Years Before Being Rescued

Now she lives in the lap of luxury and deserves every bit of it!

This sick pit bull (named Lola) was so happy to see her rescuers. Even after being chained up for 8 years, she still greeted them with a wagging tail. AMA Animal Rescue got a call last summer reporting a dog being kept on a chain in a dirty garage in Brooklyn, New York. Despite how desolate her situation was, Lola greeted everyone with excitement and happiness. Unfortunately she was very sick: She had multiple tumors all over her body and dental disease. Thankfully, they were able to rescue her and eventually found her an amazing forever home.

Sick Pit Bull Chained Up for 8 Years Lives In Luxury Now | The Dodo

The same day they found Lola, they removed the chain and walked out with her that day. After so many years of neglect, her luck was about to change! The rescue team immediately took her to the vet and figured out what she’d need to heal. Unfortunately, it would cost a lot of money, but with the help of social media, she got the care she needed.

After being patched up, Lola waited for months in foster care to be adopted. Now though, she has the perfect home. A kind woman named Charlene Von Saher, took Lola into her home. Charlene refers to herself as Lola’s mom, and said Lola basically lives like a queen now. And it’s the truth! Lola lives a life of luxury now: She sleeps in all the soft places in Charlene’s apartment, she goes to Connecticut on the weekends, and she’s less than a block away from Central Park. Oh, and of course Charlene loves her new pit bull baby with all her heart. What more could a dog want?

“It is amazing that after living that life she can be so trusting,” said Charlene, “Because I know I wouldn’t be.”

What you can do to help:

If this story touched you, please consider donating to AWA Animal Rescue’s cause. You can give as little as $5, or as much as you’d like. It doesn’t have to be a monthly occurrence, just a one time thing. This will help them continue to rescue sweet, loving dogs like Lola who deserve fantastic forever homes. If you cannot donate right now, please share this article to spread Lola’s story!

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